Fan Dance Lab

With: Giuditta Sin at San Lo School Dance

A Sunday a month h 16:00 – 17:30
22 October – 26 November – 3 December 2017
14 January – 18 February – 25 March – 22 April – 13 May 2018.

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Fan dance belongs to both classic repertory of burlesque performers and old-time showgirls. The feather fan is an accessory that has also been introduced in many other dancing and entertainment techniques. We will learn to perform various trick, to twirl and to use fans in both individual and group
performance. We will explore the possible uses of this fascinating accessory from the more classic style, reaching up to a more contemporary free style. To join the lab, you will need to have a pair of fans, even small ones, to get started.

The teacher will make available online shopping links where to buy it, or costumers that can make them.

For the first lesson you can settle for two fans and organize yourself little by little.



At the San LO school

Hours & Levels:
Wednesday 19.00-20.30 – Beginners
Wednesday 20.30-22.00 – Intermediate

A first step towards discovering Burlesque Art. Dedicated to women who want to discover their feminine and seductive side.
A small journey through the fascinating strip-tease world. Burlesque history, makeup and hairstyles in retro style, posture and study of typical movements from Victorian burlesque to bumps and grind. Use of various accessories (ribbons, fans, boa, umbrella) and study on the creation of an Act. Improvement of already existing performances in the repertory
of more experienced participants.
Focus on building your own character and self-promotion. Within this course, lectures / seminars with internationally renowned performers will provide students with the opportunity to explore different styles and techniques. Master Gonzalo Mirabella will collaborate with teacher Giuditta Sin.


Victorian workshop

Romantic, dreamy, ethereal and decadent at the same time, the Victorian woman continues to enchant and inspire us despite the passing of Time. And even though more than a century has passed, that dreamlike femininity remains imprinted in the memory of those who, by passion and delight, have made it a craft. Giuditta Sin is pleased to invite you to her Boudoir, where immersed in a cloud of perfume and purity, smiling behind a fan will take you by the hand, within the Victorian World.

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• Burlesque History Elements in the Victorian Age
• Basic about the Condition of Woman
• The figure of the Courtesan
• Hairstyle and Costume in Victorian Style
• Practical Study of Movements belonging to Victorian Burlesque

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