``There are human beings that change by enrichment, others who gain real life by stripping themselves, and only their misery creates them.``
– Gabrielle Colette –

Giuditta Sin

Surreal and poetic, i love making every performance an opportunity to free my fantasy and show it in its countless shades and involve you in my shiny dream.
Always passionate about the Fin de Siècle and Art Nouveau cultural movement, I draw inspiration from symbolic, decadent and surrealist works, Colette's controversial works, and revolutionary dancers like Fuller, Isadora Duncan and Ruth St. Denis.
Love, liberation, magic, dream and madness are the ingredients for my perfect recipe.
I was always been fascinated by the vamp figure and the delicate and impertinent sensuality of the Divas from the early 1900s, from fairy-tale, decadent, sometimes obscure and melancholy atmospheres.
I begin my artistic research that will lead me to creating performances that refuse every possible label. Body art? Erotic art? Burlesque? I like defining my own creations as pure acts of beauty.
Influences: Victorian era, Liberty, Mucha, Pre-Raphaelites, Poetry, Dreams, nightmares.
References: Art Academy of Micca Club, resident performer at Velvet Cabaret of Micca Club and teacher at Burlesque Academy of Micca Club.
I took part in Milan Burlesque Awards 2012; 10th edition of New York Burlesque Festival; Rome Burlesque Festival 2012; Milan Burlesque Award 2013; London Burlesque Games 2013; Rome Burlesque Festival 2013; London Burlesque Festival 2014; in the last show of Burlesque Show with Eve la Plume, directed by Cristiano Gazzarini; Berlin Burlesque Festival; Stockholm Burlesque Festival and New Orleans Burlesque Festival. I was the producer of the Burlesque Riot Alternative Burlesque Revue in Rome, in collaboration with the performer Vampfire. I also created Cabaret Domestique, with Gonzalo Mirabella.

These are the 6 main experiences that professionally portray me

  1. Love for dance and her languages and my formation as a dancer, that i continue to nourish today, made me realise that my work tool could only be the body. Body as a means through which perceive and interpret reality, as an expressive channel of uncountable emotions of human soul and as a work of art in continuous transformation that can change and incarnate a thousand faces and characters. Finally, like a temple to gather and listen to them.
  2. Formation and debut on Micca Club stage in his historical place in Via Pietro Micca. Moving my first steps and creating my first performances on that stage gave me the possibility to confront with an high level international contest.
  3. And finally the voice came. The participation in the Theatrical Piece “Musami or Vate at the Columns of the Vice”, directed by Mariaelena Masetti Zannini, was fundamental because for the first time, and after a long time, i broke my silences and use my voice on stage. I played one of the D’annunzio muse, the dancer Ida Rubinstein.
  4. The participation at Kim Rossi Stuart movie “Tommaso”. My first time on the big screen
  5. The debut at Salone Margherita with Micca Club. It’s been 3 years that we have been able to bring our Burlesque and Variety show back to one of the main places born and consecrated to this kind of show.
  6. My work as creator and artistic director of Burlesque Riot and Cabaret Domestique projects gave me the opportunity of trying out for other profiles and give birth to a new way of creating. Together with artists with whom from time to time I collaborate, i direct and create a vision, a world made by performances and visual suggestions. We created real happenings.